Fees and health policies


First consultation at £47 (One and a half hours approximately)

Follow-up at £42 (¾ hour approximately)

We are able to accept cash, cheque, credit and debit cards.

Health policies

Duncan has recently chosen with regret not to renew AXA/PPP or Bupa provider status, so if you are a Bupa or AXA/PPP client you will need to either contact them for another local practitioner who has chosen to renew, or if you wish to consult Duncan it would be a case of paying any fees yourself without any cover. Other health insurance policies may cover osteopathy, it’s best to call your insurer to find out. Schemes that pay the patient a percentage of the fees incurred for professional services often provide cover.

Ms Reem Adhami does not currently take on patients with Bupa or PPP cover, but does take on patients with part repayment type cover plans.