For an appointment in Beverley please call 01482 882832.

You will need to allow approximately one and a half hours for the first session and forty-five minutes for subsequent sessions. Beverley’s roads can be busy at peak times so please allow extra time for your journey.

Should you need to rearrange or cancel an appointment, please let us know with as much notice as you can, by telephone preferably, leaving a message if out of office hours. Please don’t use the general enquiries email contact form to ask for or alter appointments unless there is no other way of contacting us. Sometimes there are unavoidable reasons for cancelling at short notice. If you speak to the osteopath they may be able to find an appointment time that helps you work round your other commitments.

The first consultation

If you are a new patient, please arrive about ten minutes before your appointment time. This gives you a chance to ask questions and read some basic information. After greeting you, the osteopath will show you to the consulting room. You will be asked to give some details about your problem, general health and medical history.

The next stage is to examine you to find out what may be causing your problem. There will be an explanation of what is required before this takes place. You may be asked to remove some clothes depending on the area which is troubling you. Underwear is always left on and in many cases only a small amount of clothing needs to be removed. Some patients like to bring loose clothing or a sports top and shorts. If you are not sure, please ask to speak to the osteopath before your appointment.

Some patients like to bring a friend or family member with them. This is absolutely fine, however you should be aware that medical information and details of operations and medications will be talked about. It’s best if the person who comes with you is someone who you know well so you can be relaxed whilst discussing these matters.