Osteopathy Osteopathy aims to identify and treat problems affecting the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons), the skeletal structures and joints.

Osteopaths use massage, stretching and joint movements to ease tension and improve circulation. This helps the body to heal itself more efficiently.
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Conditions treated

Conditions treated Most conditions that bring patients to osteopathy involve pain, some restriction of movement and sometimes other symptoms like tingling or weakness.

Some of the common problems are lower back pain, neck pain and joint pain, soft tissue injuries including muscle, ligament or tendon, nerve pain (“trapped nerve“, “sciatica”), arthritic pain and sports injuries.
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Health Services In most cases this involves some of the following: Soft tissue work (massage, stretching, using pressure points), Articulation (moving joints, usually slowly and gently), Traction (a way of stretching the spine or joints), Harmonic technique (gently rocking the joints), Muscle Energy (contracting and relaxing muscles), Functional technique (slow movements to relieve joint strain), Strain/Counterstrain (finding a position of comfort to relax muscles).
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